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Our Essence and Heritage

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A regal Mughlai cuisine curated with a contemporary flair

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The Glorious Past

Our Heritage

A culinary legacy that would transform Indian cuisine forever was perfected in the three centuries of Mughal rule. The Mughals lived life king size and their dining habits resonated their opulent lifestyle. Their food was rich and complex, cooked with spices, nuts and dried fruits, which filled the room with a burst of aromatic flavours. Milk, cream, ghee and butter were used to make their appetizing creations thicker and richer.

This infusion of Persian and Indian cooking styles lead to the creation of a cuisine recognized, exalted and loved by the world over. Founded on the reinterpretation of the flavours that are synonymous with the contemporary luxury setting, Jehangir’s echoes the elements of the royal Mughal dynasty to give its guests a completely immersive experience. Our menu is based on authentic recipes passed down over the centuries and it re-establishes the grandeur and richness of the royal Mughal cuisine. At Jehangir's, we bring to life the passion that the Mughals had for fine dining and offer nothing less than an epicurean experience for our guests.

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The Restaurant

About Jehangir's

Every dish at Jehangir’s blends the finest ingredients with skilful expertise to create the most aromatic and flavourful servings.The passion that Jehangir had for exceptional cuisine is brought alive at our extraordinary destination and we aim to be one of the leading Mughlai restaurants for elevated casual dining in Al Ain and the UAE.

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Inspired by the majestic court of the great Mughal Emperor Jehangir, the restaurant has been designed as a modern-day darbar of the Indian ruler where the royalties and aristocrats of the past are replaced by the discerning diners of today. We are extremely thrilled to extend a true expression of Jehangir’s zeal to ensure every guest feels like royalty by emphasising on exceptional food and service.

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People behind Jehangir's

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Witness the flavourful blend of Jehangir’s cuisine, distilled to perfection by our seasoned chefs!

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